Daily Prompt: Beyond the Pale

Well, today’s prompt asked about the last time I did something NEW and out of my “element.” That…is a topic I can sink my teeth into.

Last time I did something NEW? November 25th found me on a plane to Phoenix, Arizona so I could catch another flight to Philadelphia. See, I moved to Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania JUST before Thanksgiving.

Little background:
I am 24 years old (born September 6th, 1989) and was raised in Clovis, California. Before now, the longest I ever spent out of the state was about 10 days for vacations and such. I’d been with a young woman for almost eight years and was engaged to marry her for nigh on six.

This past November (2013), I did my first (official) NaNoWriMo novel, which was also my second novel ever (the first having been completed in rough draft form on October 9th, 2013). Through http://www.nanowrimo.org I met a bunch of crazy awesome writers obsessed with smashing through the 50,000 word minimum. The OverAchievers. In that group I met HER. My twin flame. My Better two-thirds. My sister. The cheese to my macaroni.

I was wrong. That other girl I spent all those years with in love and anguish…she wasn’t who I was really meant for after all. (Really, we went through hell together multiple times…and, there I was, breaking the engagement off with her after we barely began recovering from my addiction. I won’t bitch about the many reasons the relationship was toxic…but, it was actually best that I moved away.)

So. After knowing “Freddy” (AKA Cansas AKA Castor) for only three weeks or so…we came up with a radical idea: I should move in with her and her parents in Mechanicsburg: a monumental proposition for someone who’d never so much as BEEN to Pennsylvania, much less lived outside of California.

Oh, and did I mention I am a recovering crack addict? (7 months clean as of December 14th or so.) Well, really it was never about the rock, I am just an addict. Also, I am a punk, an anarchist, an artist, a writer, a poet, a musician, a singer, a daydreamer, a misfit, a crazy motherfucker that once overdosed on cough syrup and spent ten days in a behavioral health unit (Yea, I was in the nuthouse on a medical 5150 AND 5250. Most people don’t even know 5250s exist, but they do. It’s a 14 day hold…5150 is 72 hours. Oh, and they suck. Don’t ever overdose or go bonkers. Those places are terrifying.). I always dreamed of doing something radical like moving across the country with nothing but the clothes on my back and a backpack filled with a laptop and notebooks. Now, I finally had the guts to do it. Thanks to Cansas, my soul-twin sister…I can live and breathe again.

So, yea, I’ve done some new things recently.

Cheers to 2014!

Now is all we have. Orizontas Forever!

In Earnest,

Adam King ~ King Pollux






About kingpollux

Ok, so I'm Adam KW King and I'm an author, actor, singer, songwriter, musician, poet, writer, freelancer, etc etc etc. I do many things. Right now I'm focusing on my newest writing projects.

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