Editing Woes and Some Bitching

I’ve put off the editing/revision process so far. Now, sadly, it is a New Year. I have no more excuses to keep me from doing some hardcore work on Pyrite: Torn Up By the Roots. (Not to mention the second novel I actually wrote for National Novel Writing Month. Oh, and the sequel to Pyrite is only about half completed in rough draft form…eep.)

What I could really use is some beta-readers now. Anyone like reading raw, first-draft material?

This, my first novel, is a cross-genre horror/urban fantasy/crime sort of beast. It centers around a “family” of five homeless street punks. Its very character¬† driven and psychological in nature. I had a blast writing it back in October (yes, I could not wait for NaNoWriMo and wrote it in ten days). It likely won’t be sent off to many publishers (unless Angry Robot has another open reading period sometime soon…) as its too personal and too “edgy.” It confronts many hard life issues (most of which I’ve experienced or come close to) such as drug addiction, murder, prostitution, child abuse, and other such nasty bits of real life.

This book is like my baby and I’ve let it sit in the cold spaces of my non-brain to try and detach from it. It is time to bust some heads now. I am fortunate enough that my rough drafts come out rather polished right from the off. In fact, those few that have read the book or parts of it have questioned its draft status.

In any event, before I do anything I definitely plan to go back through my books on writing. My favorites so far are all written by Chuck Wendig. I just bought Confessions of a Freelance Penmonkey and will be combing through for the chapters on editing immediately.

Alright, enough procrastinating ya bastard. Off ya go!

Have an unbelievable day everyone!

In Earnest,

Adam King ~ Pollux Lykeios


About kingpollux

Ok, so I'm Adam KW King and I'm an author, actor, singer, songwriter, musician, poet, writer, freelancer, etc etc etc. I do many things. Right now I'm focusing on my newest writing projects.

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  1. This is where it really begins. I find myself looking for whatever is lurking underneath my first round. A much different work is likely to emerge.
    You may want to join a writers’ group, committed to each others’ pages. Just have to make sure they’re kindred souls, not in genre but rather mission or sensibilities.
    As has been said, talent goes in the drafting; genius, in the revisions.
    Best wishes …


    • Thanks! I appreciate the advice!
      I have my “twin,” who is also a writer, but I know I’ll need more people to read it. Its actually posted online right now, but I’ll take it down before I want to actually do anything with it.


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