Daily Prompt: Style Icon

Well, the prompt for today asked me to define my “personal style.” I suppose this could be sort of a fun topic, so I’ll go ahead and indulge myself.

Check the prompt

My style? Oh, Gods, what are you asking of me?

In FAT waiting to catch my plane to Phoenix so I can catch another plane to Philadelphia.

In FAT waiting to catch my plane to Phoenix so I can catch another plane to Philadelphia.

I think the best way to describe my sense of “style” (though, I don’t really believe I’m afflicted with such a triviality by conventional standards of style) is OMNICLECTIC.

Omniclectic? What the frack is that?

Sit down and stay a while and I shall elucidate.

“Omniclectic” is a word I just made up. It means something like “super duper über eclectic.” Not clear enough? Well, crimenitly, it means I am so eclectic the individual styles are no longer distinguishable. However, what that really tells you is that I have ADHD and a penchant for getting distracted.

If I had to choose one style for myself, it’d definitely be “punk.” I have a mohawk, denim jacket with spikes and patches all over, and generally wear ratty clothing in multifarious stylings with gritty music blaring from my person.

A Clockwork Orange? I got your Clockwork Orange right here! m!m

A Clockwork Orange? I got your Clockwork Orange right here! m!m

Still, I don’t really commit to one style of dress, music, art, writing, or anything. I prefer to keep my options open. Since my “awakening” (if you want to call it such) this last November I have tried many new things and am remaining open to all possibilities.

I can’t wait to get some money together so Freddy (Cansas, my twin sis) and I can travel the planet and try out everything the world has to offer! I see the beauty in all things and all people now. Much Love.

Here’s to staying true to yourself and trying new things!

In Earnest,

King Pollux ~ Adam Kristofer Walkingstick King


About kingpollux

Ok, so I'm Adam KW King and I'm an author, actor, singer, songwriter, musician, poet, writer, freelancer, etc etc etc. I do many things. Right now I'm focusing on my newest writing projects.

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