(Almost) Foiled Video Introduction

Intro Video now on YouTube

20 FOLLOWERS! Woot woot!

(Technically 22, but we were out all afternoon getting the iMac fixed, eating delicious Thai food, and buying cigars and other smoking supplies so I missed the 20 mark.)

Thank you ALL so much! You’re all awesome!

Wonderful experience here at Word Press so far. Thank you Word Press, you’ve renewed my hope that blogging can be an awesome creative outlet for me.

Keep checking and I’ll continue to post short fiction, poetry, writing stories, videos, music, and all manner of fun stuff! I always enjoy reading all the blogs I follow. If I miss a post or something and you want to hear from me just poke me a bit. I do follow a lot of blogs so its hard to keep up already. I am also completely open for submissions, collaborations, or anything of that nature. Let me know!

I would love to hear from all of you, so comment or email away! My phone number is also available for text or talk if you ask.

I’m on Skype under lykeios_lysios and my main email is kingadam1989@gmail.com.

Much Love!

In Earnest, King Pollux ~ Adam Kristofer Walkingstick King

P.S. This was supposed to have a video in it, but Word Press ate it. The Android app didn’t alert me to the fact that I need to upgrade to “video press” until AFTER I’d recorded and written this post. Money is tight, so for now I may have to re-record and post to YouTube. Bummer, man.

P.P.S. HA! I got the video up on YouTube finally! There I am!


About kingpollux

Ok, so I'm Adam KW King and I'm an author, actor, singer, songwriter, musician, poet, writer, freelancer, etc etc etc. I do many things. Right now I'm focusing on my newest writing projects.

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  1. You don’t really need the video app for wordpress, the youtube linking works very well šŸ™‚ WordPress is definitely one of the best platforms.. if not the only good platform, out there.


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