Lack of Motivation

Not sure why I’m still dealing with such a lack of motivation to do anything. I don’t feel depressed, so I don’t think its that. I suppose its simply that I’ve become used to doing nothing.

I think maybe getting a job would help motivate me, but by the same token I don’t want to feel tied down to work. A temporary job would be cool. What would be even better is getting paid to write. I suppose I should start looking for some freelance stuff. That IS a notion of some merit.

Still, even writing doesn’t motivate me these days. I have two and a half novels to be working on, that should be plenty to keep me busy. Yet, there the novels sit, on my external hard drive, where they’ve been since the end of NaNoWriMo.

Anyone want to do some beta-reading so I can get started on editing it? The novel I think I should work most on in the second I ever wrote (first official NaNo project). Its sci-fi/space adventure with slashy romance in it. If anyone is interested in helping out I’d be happy to hook you up with a copy of it (just know that I’ll have it copyrighted in some way).

Other than that, my goals (as they stand now) are thus:

1. Get a part-time job and start saving up some money for a trip across country to California.
2. Edit my two completed novels.
3. Finish my third novel.
4. Continue having fun with my fiancee/twin-sis.
5. Be Awesome.
6. Open for additional additions in future.

I think my plate is full with those goals…

Thanks for reading my random ramblings! 🙂

In Earnest,

King Pollux ~ Adam Kristofer Walkingstick King


About kingpollux

Ok, so I'm Adam KW King and I'm an author, actor, singer, songwriter, musician, poet, writer, freelancer, etc etc etc. I do many things. Right now I'm focusing on my newest writing projects.

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