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You’ll Notice some changes around here

Ok, so, you may be noticing some changes to the blog soon if you haven’t already.

  1. I have gone to a “private” setting so I can better mod things on here. (People seem to think I’m a “dbag” and an “ahole.” (My gut response is to say **** you haters, but…well, I’m trying to make money here, lol.)

  2. If you like the changes, let me know.
  3. If you don’t…let me know. *grits teeth*
  4. I have all the things linked. If a link is broken, TELL ME!
  5. If anything at all doesn’t work (a video, a stream, a telekinetically thrown goat, etc. etc. etc.)… LET ME KNOW!
  6. Don’t be a dbag to me or others on here.
  7. I have the final say in who is a douche and who isn’t…MWHAHAHAHA. This isn’t a democracy, this isn’t a “cheerocracy” (as Chuck Wendig put it *wink wink nudge nudge*), this is a Pagan Republic.
  8. All that being said…
  9. HAVE FUN.
  10. BE SAFE.


Halloween Games on

Ok, so it’s Live!

Come Watch on Twitch!



Alternate Ending Creation by Malkov0

Reddit Post!

I’m REALLY excited about this boys and girls and other creatures of the universe!

If you’re on steam (and even if you aren’t, lol) you should go check this out and DEFINITELY upvote the post, it deserves a CRAP ton of hits.

I stand

Wow, go check this one out! 😀

Source: I stand

Why Chuck Wendig is one of my Favorite Authors

OK, so Chuck Wendig is in my top 3 fiction writers.

I’m not sure if it’s him or Stephen King in the #1 slot.

If it’s a fantasy slot? Chuck Wendig all the way for his Urban Fantasy novels.

Instructional books? Probably #2 after Stephen King’s

    On Writing

So, here goes my reasons for saying this about Chuck Wendig:

  1. He doesn’t shy away from the dirty things in life. I mean, come on, life isn’t all butterflies and sunshine. Life sucks. Life is a bitch. But, most of all, Life is worth living anyway. Take a tip from Miriam Black in Blackbirds. 
  2. He’s unapologetic. Just look at the guy’s blogs! Lol.
  3. He hooks you, drags you under, and then pulls you out (sometimes flopping like a fish) to keep reading when you have enough wind.

There are countless more reasons, but this will be updated often going forward as I read more of his new works.

Thanks for reading.

Have a great day

My Playthrough of LiS

Go check it out guys! 😀

Life is Strange Game Review. BEST and WORST Game EVER!! GRRRRR…

OK. So…here is my review of Life is Strange from Dontnod. (I’ve put over 51 hours into this game, btw, so don’t tell me I don’t know what I’m talking about. =P )

This game destroyed my life. Seriously.

(Don’t read further if you’re playing the game and haven’t finished it yet. There WILL be spoilers.)



Love this video! hahaha. it’s awesome


Here Is A Thought On A Friday

Hahaha. Funny stuff, love it! 🙂

Source: Here Is A Thought On A Friday

| Cristian Mihai on

Source: | Cristian Mihai on

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