I really, really, really, really dislike writing these “About Me” sorts of things.

Its kind of funny, because it isn’t as though I have a problem talking about myself. Something about writing it makes me feel slimy. I suppose that writing, for me, is such a pure thing and I…well, I am about as pure as a Catholic pissing into the Lourdes while eating beef during Lent.

Still, if it is obligatory (to some degree) I shall oblige.

I am Adam Kristofer Walkingstick King (yes, my mother’s maiden name, “Walkingstick,” is on my birth cert and, yes, it is Cherokee) but I go by so many names these days I don’t particularly care what I am called. You may refer to me as Pollux, George, Lykeios, Caterpillar, or by my real name and I do not mind. Still, names are important, so there it is.

Born and raised in Clovis, California I was always encouraged to read (and started at a fairly early age), write, play music, sing, and generally express who I am as a person. I suppose that had more than a fair bit to do with why I am now an anarcho-socialist Hellenic Polytheist writer while I was raised in non-denominational Christianity by lightly conservative parents.

In any event, I love writing, reading, and anything to do with the arts and language. I am an aspiring polyglot and fairly talented mimic. I speak a bit of many languages.

I look forward to, hopefully, enlightening, encouraging, and otherwise entertaining you with my crazy antics.

Oh, and I am also a recovering addict with, ooh! distraction!, and possibly bipolar disorder type 1, so if I seem all over the place…its just the caffeine. (nyah nyah!)

  1. Thanks for liking and following my Blog.
    You have a nice place here. I will see you again.
    Take care


  2. Welcome to the blogging and WordPress community.
    It truly is a fantastic platform to express yourself and expand and run with your writing hopes and aspirations!
    Also, welcome to my blog!
    I look forward to following your journey.


  3. Hello,
    I am glad to nominate you for this award, Please accept.


  4. Hi Pollux, I am also bipolar. I enjoy studying Cherokee history (long story). Thanks for stopping by my blog http://gottafindahome.wordpress.com. I look forward to reading your poetry. ~ Dennis


    • Thank you for sharing that information about yourself, Dennis! Also, thank you for helping me to remember what is truly important in life as a mortal human being on this planet.


    • P.S. I look forward to continuing to read your writings as well! Bravo!

      In Earnest,

      King Pollux of The Gilded Mountain,
      Brother of Castor of The Brazen Circlet and Blade,
      Lord of Our World,
      Prince of Olympos by The Gift of The Divine Right of Choice,
      Brother of Man,
      Master of One,
      Nephew of the King of Seas Rivers Lakes and PanGaean Waters,
      Thief and Rider of Cattle – Horses – And All Beasts Of Burden,
      Defender of Innocence and Life,
      Stygian Mortal,
      Scion of The Kings and Queens Most High,
      Humble Servant of The Divine Light and Divine Dark,
      Son of Mud and Clay and Dust and Ash Molded by the First Craftsman,
      Child of Gaea,
      Embracer of Nyx and Khaos,
      Chooser of Names,
      Giver of Divine Titles Bestowed Upon All Living Things Which Are Mortal,
      Singer of Mankind’s Choirs,
      Beloved of Both Sister and Brother,
      Lover of Eros – Philos – And Agape,
      And Divine Soul Incarnate In Mortal Flesh.

      Khaire Pan
      Khalazi Styx
      Epaino Gaea Meter Kai Theos Pater Kai Promethos Anthropagetes
      Khaire Hestia


  5. CrazyGuyinThailand

    Awesome blog.


  6. Hi King, interested to post some of your poems on my site TheWritingHut?


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