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A White Boy in Downtown Part 3: Meeting the Family

This happened a day after my first experience with crack cocaine.

I'd apparently successfully proved I wasn't a cop, because Teardrop greeted me with a "Hey! white boy!"


I walked up to the makeshift tents in front of the Pov with a giddy, adrenaline feeling in my gut. This was exciting. The danger, the fear, the exhilaration. It's a thrill to say the least.

Teardrop, and the hulking tall and well-built black man with a touch of gray in his coarse, wiry hair, calls out to me. I'm already getting used to being referred to as "white boy." Really, it makes sense, I'm about the only white 22 year old around.

I greet him and he immediately hops in my car. He directs me to a motel a ways south on G street. When we get there he knocks on the door. To my surprise a woman answers and, once she determines who it is, she opens the door.

The woman has clearly seen better days. She's skinny, almost evacuated, her skin is sun darkened (but she's definitely white), and she looks at least 40 or 42. I'm introduced to her and we enter her motel room, which is surprisingly clean. It's then that I find it she's a hooker (should have known).

She's introduced as "Rose" and I tell her my name. Teardrop jokes about how I hadn't even told him my name the night before.

Then, we get down to "business."

The glass crack pipes come out (sometimes called "stems" because they're just straight tubes of glass). I ask what the wadded up ball of stuff is in the pipes.
"That's Brillo, white boy, can't smoke rock without Brillo," Teardrop explains.

They take their hits and Rose passes her pipe and asks if I've ever smoked before. Teardrop tries to stop her from sharing (he seems genuinely interested in keeping me off crack) but I say "No, I want to try it more."

So they give me a little piece of rock and teach me how to smoke. First, you melt the rock into the Brillo then you tilt the pipe down and pull the lighter farther away (so you don't crack the glass) and pull the pure, thick white smoke into your lungs.

Again, the high is really good, but not what I will experience in the future. I get a little more chatty, a lot less nervous, and definitely more relaxed

We spend the next few hours chatting and passing the pipes around until the crack is gone. At that point I decided I should head home (it's late, around 3 AM).

On the way home I think about the cool people I've met so far and about how good the high feels. A small part of my brain warns me I'm enjoying it too much, but I shush it.

Yea, that wasn't my first or last mistake.


It has been TOO long since I wrote on here!

I am planning to return and completely revamp my blog.

Please excuse my crazy behavior when I first started. I was still a little manic.

I hope all my followers and readers will return and check out my future posts.


Why I still listen to punk rock

One day I happened to mention to someone that I really enjoy punk rock. What was this person’s response? “Good luck with that.” The first thing I thought to say in return was “Fuck you man!” I didn’t, though, it just wasn’t worth it. I don’t listen to or support many of the ideals of punk rock because it’s popular. I don’t listen to it because it is unpopular.

I listen to punk rock because it means something. The fire of passion in these songs that I scream along with speaks to me. It’s not about thrashing in a mosh pit or starting fights or shouting “Fuck the police!” It’s about life. It’s about wanting something more than the normal, the standard. It’s about feeling that passion about something.

Lots of the bands I listen to are politically fueled. They write and sing their songs for a reason. They’re advocates in their own way and many of them aren’t afraid to join picket lines.

Another reason I like the punk ethic is the DIY attitude. This is something lost in some modern punk rock I think. The pristine recording quality found in modern studios just doesn’t hold the same punch as the gritty, shitty recordings of Misfits or Sex Pistols. Sure, I listen to well-recorded punk rock, but it’s the do it yourself part that speaks to me. Something about accomplishing something with your own two hands is powerful. There’s an energy to be found in crafting your own jacket or shirts. Hell, even spreading bleach on a black tee can mean a lot to me. It’s easy and it’s messy and it’s punk.


It’s about anarchy. While not all punk music is about anarchy and not all artists are anarchists, many of them are. I do what I can to carry a little anarchist tradition with me wherever I go.

So sure, wish me good luck. Tell me some platitude because you think punk rock is dead. I’m still here and the fight isn’t over.

Raise that black flag high in solidarity!




Free Preview of Torn Up by the Roots!

Here is a link to the free preview for my first novel, Torn Up by the Roots:

Why am I Pro-Choice?

I found out that the anniversary of the Roe vs. Wade decision has just passed us. In honor of this I sat down to think about just why I am pro-choice. Here are the reasons I came up with.

I am pro-choice because…

  • I believe children should have the right to be born to parents that want them.
  • I feel women should have the right to control what substances (birth control, penises, and semen all included) go into and out of their bodies as much as is possible.
  • I think men should be protected from people that would use a pregnancy (fake or real) to trap them in a loveless partnership or marriage.
  • I support the idea that homosexual and non-traditional couples and committed groups should be celebrated for wanting to offer a loving home to unwanted children.
  • I am a human being who believes that the battle for equal rights and treatment is not over.
  • I look to the future instead of clinging to a past steeped in unhelpful traditions and stereotypes.
  • I hope for the continued improvement of civil rights and liberties in the world.
  • I feel that pro-life is often just another way of saying anti-choice or pro-prejudice.
  • I believe that people should think about and discuss difficult topics even at inconvenient or socially “inappropriate” times (for example: Easter dinner)
  • I hope that otherwise close-minded individuals will see this post and stop to think about their own beliefs whether they ultimately change their minds or not.
  • I am pro-choice.

Any questions?

On Focusing

When I try too hard to focus I often find it slipping further away from my metaphorical grasp.

Letting go of the search is key.

It sounds funny to say it, but something I do when I’m having trouble focusing is I get into my “happy place.” Usually that means somewhere with music I enjoy and plenty of background noise.

However, I’m in one of my comfort zones right now and writing this blog post is currently keeping me from starting in on another project that needs my attention. However, I am willing to overlook that fact because I am accomplishing things. My job search has begun and I am writing words. I feel good about myself today…mostly.

After the coffee shop I think I’ll go home, put on some good old punk rock and slam away at my keyboard. It’s better than sucking down more cigarettes or slamming someone with a personal attack for no reason.

Thanks for reading and have an unbelievable day!

~King Pollux AKA Adam KW King~

New Projects

Currently I am doing everything I can to move on from my old projects.

They are, in my mind, firmly in the past. I still have plans for Torn Up By the Roots, so if you’re a reader, please don’t think I’ve abandoned that project. However, for my own health and general well-being I’ve made the decision to move on.

I am reading a book (new to me) that is captivating my attention. For anyone interested it is Parasite by Mira Grant. It is a very good read thus far. I particularly enjoyed the “Meet the Author” page. It has me considering the purchase of a machete for personal protection.

There are several writing projects I am committed to, so for me it is now a matter of choosing which to focus on. An old friend has a large project for me to work on and I’ve committed to doing that. He happens to be the only person I’ve ever actively collaborated with. As the project is rather large and will take some time, I am trying to pace myself but work hard.

Before I spend too much time with this update I think I’ll get to work on that WIP now.

As always, thanks for reading. May your own reading and writing goals be met in 2016!


In Earnest,

~King Pollux AKA Adam KW King~


P.S. I am now published on (just some poems). Feel free to check things out there as well as on my site here. You can find me under the penname “Lykeios” there, or just click this link: Lykeios at Inkitt


First Novel Releases in Digital Format TODAY

Greetings readers!

My first novel, “Torn Up by the Roots,” is now available for purchase in the Kindle store.

It can be found HERE:


If you have any questions or a problem please contact me in some way. To those of you whom I have spoken with before: thank you for all your help and encouragement. It has been a long and hard two years and three months working on this book. If you read it, I honestly hope you enjoy it. This is my life’s work right now.


As always, thanks for reading!


In Earnest,

~King Pollux – Adam KW King~

Of my Grey Path to Color

I have enshrined the future but have not

forgotten my past

My way is clear and the waiting begun

I walk softly

I tread the dimly lit ways in the quiet places

Yet I roar with passion when challenged by man or beast

My guard is strong, my will and wits keenly focused

For I watch the watchers and defend my beloved

The time is here

Quietly I begin to walk

On the edge of grey tides and moonlit shores

Here I walk like the rolls of thunder

And move with the swiftness of the kite

My ego I seek to leave behind in that

Never forgotten past

Of which I still dream

But never again

Shall seek

-Adam KW King AKA Lykeios Orizontas-

King of None

Servant of One

Scribe of my own paths

Chooser of names





Open-minded seeker

Just a mortal upon the Earth

New Post in my old blog

I had to post on my old “Blogger” blog which is linked at the top of this WordPress blog.

If you want to read it, just click the “Wolf’s Teeth” link above!

Thanks for stopping by!

In Earnest,

~King Pollux – Adam KW King~

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